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Hochima Denise Treppa, MFT   
Questions frequently asked about therapy with Hochima
What is Hochima's approach to therapy?
Before you begin...  Here is a little about the kind of work I do.    I see my work as a therapist  more to be like that of a midwife or gardener  than a fixer-upper,  doctor, "shrink",  or  person-repair  mechanic. I  have profound respect for the innate healing,  growing  process of each  human being.  Yet it is a fact that  sometimes,  each person can come to a point in life where the confusion, discomfort  and even pain become unbearable. That  person can  feel  very stuck.  Or  perhaps a person can sense greater possibilities for  her or his life, but feel unable even to articulate what is missing,  much less how to manifest this richer life. I see my  role in any of these cases as facilitating the innate part of each person, who is struggling to grow in his or her personal  way.  I hold the perspective that each person has done the best  they could with the experiences  they have had, and that within each person is an innate wisdom which can provide guidance, perfectly tailored for that unique individual.  My job, then, is to help each person to get in clearer contact with their own inner wisdom, whether it is expressed in unconscious, or symbolic ways, or more logical  ways. In children, this may entail  helping them clarify their feelings, and find more appropriate ways to express who they are. Likewise with parents; with additional assistance to help them find effective ways to communicate with,  show their love for and provide guidance for their children.
Will what I say in therapy be kept private?     
The therapeutic relationship that is established is a special one, based on commitment and trust. The ethics of the therapeutic profession requires that it be kept entirely confidential, because the privacy of one's work with a therapist is essential to its success. Only in specific cases of legal exception would I be forced to break confidentiality, usually entailing cases where safety is potentially in imminent danger, such as child or elder abuse, sexual molestation, domestic violence, facilitation of a crime, or a serious threat against another person’s life. There are also rare cases where records may be subpoenaed in court proceedings. These legal exceptions are more fully explained in a handout entitled  "Statement of Confidentiality" which will be  shared with you in the first session.  Except in these rare exceptions, your work is totally  private and confidential.
How long will I be expected to keep coming to therapy?
Consistency is also important in the therapeutic process, with at least six  regularly scheduled sessions generally suggested as an initial commitment.
How will I know when therapy is coming to an end?
How therapy is concluded is an important point to understand. The initial decision to finish the work together may be either yours or mine.  However, closure can be most successful if a mutual agreement can be reached by both of us deciding that your purpose for therapy has been satisfactorily accomplished.  Usually this requires a final session in which review and evaluation of your work with me may take place.
What happens if I come to sessions late or have to cancel?
You are expected to arrive on time for your appointment, and to telephone at least 24 hours in advance if you must cancel a session; otherwise a full fee will be charged, unless of course there has been an unavoidable emergency.  I will wait at least 30 minutes for late arrivals, and I ask that you wait at least 15 minutes for me, in the event I am delayed.
How much will it cost? Can I pay by cash? By check?
I charge only 1 hour for the first session together, even though we will typically meet for up to 2 hours for the first session. This is a time for you and me to meet and get a sense of one another.  My regular fee is $120 per 80 minute session. In certain cases of financial need, the fee may be adjusted, (though not for Neurofeedback or Hypnosis to Stop Smoking).  Please talk with me about fee options, if you need a discount. It is preferable for payment to be made at each session (cash or  a check  prepared in advance will save time.)  You can make the check payable directly to Hochima Treppa. You can receive a written receipt of payment if you want, just ask for one.
How can I reach you by phone?
I can be reached by leaving a message with my voice mail at (707)664-6607.
Will I be charged for time I am on the phone with you?
Phone conversations which take longer than 15 minutes to complete, serve the function of a full session and thus you will be charged for this extra session, as a rule.
Where can I  mail information to Hochima?
All correspondence should go to:
Hochima Denise Treppa, MFT,      
P. O. Box 7116,   Cotati, CA. 94931-7116
If any of this is not clear to you, please feel free to discuss it further with me at any time, …for the purpose of our work together is, after all,  to pursue clarity and the peace that it can bring.  Thank you for choosing to consider working with me.
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