Hochima Denise Treppa, MFT   

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Updated Saturday, December 15, 2018

Thank you for seeking to find out about me.

I see my role as a therapist more to be like that of a midwife or gardener than a fixer-upper, doctor, "shrink", or person-repair mechanic. I have profound respect for the innate healing, growing process of each human being. Yet I know for a fact that, sometimes, each person can come to a point in life where the confusion, discomfort and even pain become unbearable. That person can feel very stuck. Or perhaps a person can sense greater possibilities for her or his life, but feel  unable to even articulate what is missing, much less how to manifest this richer life. I see my role in any of these cases as facilitating the innate part of each person who is struggling to grow in his or her personal way. I hold the perspective that each person has done the best they could with the experiences they have had, and that within each person is an innate wisdom which can provide guidance, perfectly tailored for that unique individual.

My job, then, is to help each person to get in clearer contact with her or his inner wisdom, whether it is expressed in unconscious, symbolic ways, or more logical ways. In children, this may entail helping them clarify their feelings and find more appropriate ways to express who they are. Likewise with couples and with parents, with an additional assistance to help them find effective ways to communicate with, show their love for their family members and provide guidance for their children.